Our parish is blessed to have many opportunities for people to worship God, serve others and build community. Love is what we have each been made for and it is service, more than anything else, that makes one love like Jesus. Parishes, liturgies, outreach and community building efforts are most fruitful when generous individuals offer their time, gifts and energy.

On this page, you’ll find many ways that one might serve and love others through St. Thomas More Parish. Pray and consider how you may be called to serve through these ministries.

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In the Liturgy…

You’re already coming to the church for Mass;
consider getting involved in something that you’re already present at and enjoying.

Altar Servers

Assist in liturgies so that it is beautiful, meaningful and fruitful for all. Anyone, including adults, who have received their First Communion is welcome to assist in this ministry. Time commitment: Mass plus arriving 10 minutes early.


Assist at the Mass with the proclamation of The Word, in leading the congregation in prayer through the Universal Prayer, by welcoming all to Mass and by leading in other ways. Time commitment: About once every six weeks, Mass plus arriving 10 minutes early and time needed to prepare to proclaim the word of God well.


First impressions are important. Greeters don’t just simply hand out the bulletins each week but help our guests to feel at home in our Parish. Greeters help to ensure that the Mass is not just a ritual but something celebrated by one welcoming parish family. Time commitment: About once every six weeks, Mass plus arriving 20 minutes early. Creativity, although certainly not a requirement, may be an asset.

Music Ministry

Music not only adds beauty to our Sunday Celebrations but also makes our communal prayer into a true act of worship. Our choirs are always in needs of extra voices or individuals who may be willing and able to play an instrument. Time commitment: Mass plus arriving 15 minutes early.

Beyond the Liturgy…

Prefer to help out more ‘behind the scenes’?
Consider helping out at our church in one of these ‘less visible’ but truly important ministries.


Honour is shown to both God and those who celebrate in our church when our worship and communal spaces are kept clean. Welcoming spaces are always clean. Time commitment: 90 minutes once a month.


The weekly collection needs counting. Time commitment: 30 minutes once a month.


Sure, we could worship in a plain white room, but where’s the joy in that? Those who help with décor enhance our worship by developing and maintaining décor that emphasizes the various feasts, seasons and celebrations that we recognize and honour. Creativity, although certainly not a requirement, may be an asset.

Ministry to Children

Wishing to share the joy we receive from Jesus with our children so that they remain close to him throughout their entire lives, those involved in ministering to children help children to recognize what Jesus has done for us and how he is still active in our lives and world. Creativity, although certainly not a requirement, may be an asset.


The vast majority of people will check out a church virtually before deciding to step through the doors. It is important that the online presence of our community faithfully reflects both our faith and our welcome. Creativity, although certainly not a requirement, may be an asset.

In the Community…

The mission of our parish extends well past the doors of the church, out into the larger community.
These ministries work to share the love we receive in our church with those in the world who truly need it.

Ministry to the Sick

Unfortunately, there are some who are prevented from joining us at the Mass because of illness or infirmity. Help is needed to bring Holy Communion to fellow parishioners who cannot join us at the Mass and to remind them of how, as beloved members of our faith community, they remain in our thoughts and prayers. Time commitment: two hours once a month.

Welcome Ministry

How exciting to have so many new families moving into our area over the next few years. While lots do what they can to welcome new faces who enter our church, lots can be done to extend this welcome beyond the doors so that all coming into our community know they are invited to join us. Creativity, although certainly not a requirement, may be an asset.

Social Justice

Our call to service and love requires us to consider the dignity of others and to help them in meeting their needs. Through this service, we reveal the love of Jesus and meet him in the lives of those he has created in his image. Creativity, although certainly not a requirement, may be an asset.

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