Womens’ and Mens’ Council

Open to all men and women who practice their faith at St. Thomas More Parish or St. Bernadette Mission, “The St. Thomas More Women’s and Men’s Council is dedicated to fostering the spiritual and corporeal advancement of the parish of St. Thomas More and St. Bernadette mission, its members, and their local communities.” – From the mission statement of the St. Thomas More Womens’ and Mens’ Council
Some men of the parish help maintain the property

This mission is accomplished by:

  • By providing a leadership role in maintaining the church and the rectory and other property
  • By supporting parishioners in need
  • By helping to build community within the parish
  • By helping to grow the church community
  • By assisting the local and worldwide community through various charitable actions
Syrian refugees sponsored thanks to the efforts of the parish Womens’ and Mens’ Council
Consider Joining!
People enjoying one of the many great meals hosted by this group