DIVINE MERCY: The Second Greatest Story Ever Told

DIVINE MERCY: The Second Greatest Story Ever Told

Renowned speaker and author Fr. Michael Gaitley tells the dramatic history of God’s love and mercy as interwoven through the transformative message of St. Faustina, the miraculous appearance of Mary at Fatima, the witness of Maximilian Kolbe, and the world-changing papacy of Pope St. John Paul II. Featuring the brilliant cinematic artistry of the Augustine Institute’s film studio, the vast panorama of God’s work of mercy in the world unfolds as a story to be experienced.

On Monday evenings all are welcome to explore this story, our story, at the parish hall through prayer, a video and small group discussion. There is no cost and no commitment.

Can’t make a session? The videos and guides are available anytime through your free formed.org subscription. Register anytime using our parish code: 88RHT8. Watch the videos and get the guides here.

Here is what is coming up:

Mon, June 5th, 6:30pm: God’s School of Trust

The sin of our first parents, Adam and Eve, has distorted the way we see God. But God hasn’t given up on us. In fact, he has tirelessly worked to heal our distorted image of him through his “School of Trust,” beginning with his Chosen People in the Old Testament.

Mon, June 12th, 6:30pm: Behold this heart

God’s School of Trust, which began in the Old Testament, continued through Christ’s work in 
the New Testament. Unfortunately, humanity’s distorted image of God has remained a problem throughout Church history. But God doesn’t give up on us. In fact, he brings us back to his School of Trust in the revelation of his Sacred Heart to St. Margaret Mary, the merciful moral theology of St. Alphonsus de Liguori, and the Little Way of St. Thérèse of Lisieux.

Mon, June 19th, 6:30pm: The Suffering Servant

If an entire nation can be “God’s Suffering Servant,” then Poland served that role throughout history by helping to save the civilized world through its fidelity to its Catholic faith.

Mon, June 26th, 6:30pm: Faustina and the Spread of Divine Mercy

The tumultuous history of Poland set the stage for a remarkable woman to become the catalyst of the main drama of the Second Greatest Story Ever Told, a drama involving the modern message of Divine Mercy and its popularity following World War II.

Mon, July 10th, 6:30pm: Proclaim This Message

In a certain sense, God’s School of Trust culminates in Church history with the mission of Pope St. John Paul II as he proclaims the message of Divine Mercy to the world.

Mon, July 17th, 6:30pm: Fatima

Against the backdrop of a world engulfed in war, the prophetic drama surrounding a small town in Portugal captures the minds and hearts of believers and unbelievers alike.

Mon, July 24th, 6:30pm: The Secret of Divine Mercy

Blessings from blood, victory through suffering, designs of mercy amidst desperate situations—such are God’s hidden ways of mercy, ways that triumph over evil.

Mon, August 14th, 6:30pm: God’s Master Plan

Through Pope St. John Paul II and the triumph he helps inaugurate, God reveals a beautiful plan that amazes and blesses the whole world.

Mon, August 21st, 6:30pm: Mary’s Knight

In the mix of people and events surrounding the Second Greatest Story Ever Told, one man emerges for his instrumental role in conquering Polish hearts for Mary Immaculate, including the heart of Pope St. John Paul II.

Mon, September 11th, 6:30pm: The Final Question

The historical reality of the Second Greatest Story Ever Told includes every one of us—if we’re willing to enter the story. Father Gaitley concludes the series with inspirational and practical tips to show us how.